Good website design... a careful mix of art and software engineering. An imbalance will yield an unsatisfactory result. A well-engineered site may do all the right things, but look like hell. An artfully designed site might look fabulous but the pages could take forever to load, or it could be a nightmare to maintain.

SeaSharp websites are clean and uncluttered, yet sophisticated. They are handcrafted with a minimal amount of code so all pages load as quickly as possible. Our designs are well organized. The rule of thumb is: If an element on a web page is not absolutely necessary, throw it out! People skim web pages. They instinctively avoid ads, sidebars, anything containing extraneous bits and immediately zero in on the good stuff. If you provide only good stuff, then your message won't be diluted.

We use a simple technique to generate navigation tabs and keep them organized. The navigation information is stored in a database table. Adding one item to the table automatically modifies the navigation menu on each page. Style elements are kept separate from content, so the look and feel of the site can be quickly and easily altered. We also use only tried and true coding which should work equally well in all browsers.

No Templates!!

There are a number of templates out there which anybody with minimal computer skills can use to create their own website. The big problem with these is that they generate about 10 times as much code as a properly crafted website. Also, they rely on a lot of remote resources (images, files, code snippets) from any number of other servers. The net result is a less reliable website, which loads much more slowly than it should, and a slower Internet for everybody.

SeaSharp can help you set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and will integrate these social media into your website.